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Arie's Travels

Submit an Entry: Serbia Blogs

By Arie Uittenbogaa

Arie's Travels

The awesome Cathedral of Saint Sava

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Arie's Travels - World Wide Travel Blog

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Arie's Travels

What is your blog about?

I travel world wide for my work, but recently I've settled in Belgrade. That means that half of my posts will be about Belgrade, and the other half about any other country.

Why did you start your blog?

I've been a traveler for 20 years and my stack of photo's and travel stories were only gathering dust. That made me sad. I started blogging and... now I'm no longer sad :)

Besides travel writing, I also write literary fiction. I want to create a blog that combines travel experiences with a literary narrative. Blogging has the advantage over writing a book of allowing change of literary mood. When I'm in a Hunter S. Thomson mood, my posts become gonzo. After a few chapters of Bill Bryson, my posts become a walk in the woods.

I'm also expecting to publish a novel sometime next year. It's a travelogue, like my blog, and that makes my blog an excellent launching platform.


  • The best thing to do is to try to hook up with someone local, preferably before you go. Although many Serbians speak English, it's always wise to have a contact there. A trip to Serbia should always include visiting Belgrade, lots of reading and lots of talking with Belgradians.

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